About us

Trust, discretion
and integrity.

Welcome to the Peter Möhrle Holding. We are the family office of the Peter Möhrle family supporting them in the fields of corporate investments, asset management and real estate investments. Operating from our headquarters in Hamburg, our working principles are governed by trust, discretion, and integrity.

The key to any investment success is identifying the right balance between possible risks and future rewards. Achieving this balance is crucial. Our goal has, therefore, always been our commitment to long-term value enhancement for future generations rather than short-term return. All proof rests on this premise.

Corporate Investments

Dedicated to the

Numbers are not our first and foremost passion. We are more interested in the people and in the opportunities behind the numbers. In our defined growth areas, the Peter Möhrle Holding has traditionally worked closely with company management and employees to make their businesses more successful in the long term.

We observe and control all strategy-sensitive risk parameters to enhance long-term corporate development (buy & build) and to improve sustainable corporate cash flows.

Winning Partnerships

Peter Möhrle Holding believes in the value of strong partnerships. We communicate with our associates from eye to eye believing that the success of a business results from a close, cooperative and trusting partnership with talented management teams.

New Perspectives

We review many criteria when dealing with a company. But despite all the hard facts: the chemistry has be right. After all, a successful cooperation needs the enthusiasm of all for the common goal.

Real Estate Investments

Long-term growth
over short-term yields.

Peter Möhrle Holding invests in its own project developments and in existing real estate businesses.

Our corporate group has the in-house expertise and know-how across the entire value chain, from land development to inventory management.

The aim is to build up sustainable competence in all asset classes in order to respond quickly to changing market conditions and thus to ensure a sustained increase in the value of the portfolio.

Peter Möhrle Stiftung

Outstanding partnerships
for extraordinary projects.

Peter Möhrle is the founder and namesake of the Peter Möhrle Stiftung (Foundation), which has been involved in social issues in Hamburg and around the world since 2007.

The projects supported by the Peter Möhrle Stiftung (Foundation), are selected with great care and scrutiny. In this way, the quality and sustainability of all those who receive funding can be ensured and partnership can be established with the project managers.

For the Peter Möhrle Stiftung (Foundation), the success of individual projects is measured not only by the number of people who receive help, but also by the multiplication of projects to other locations.

The focus of the foundation's work is to identify social problems, to address them, and to champion their cause with a team of experts.

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